Feb 7, 2009

I went out to eat with Becca, Brooke, Janielle, and Jan's baby the other day. We had SOOOO much fun and laughed so loud the entire restaurant kept looking at us. Becca and I tried to remember our "Secret handshake" called Hello friend. For anyone who remembers that you'll know how how funny we looked. We looked at old pictures, laughed at funny stories, and made plans to get together in the future. Becca Brooke and I want to run a half marathon together!

Becca's husband is moving back to TX for a few months without
her to finish his Doctorate in Physical Therapy. She'll be living with her parents close to mom and dad's house. Janielle lives in TX with her husband who works in medical sales but is trying to get into the FBI. They have a gorgeous little girl and 2 dogs.