Dec 23, 2008

Here's Mark showing no mercy to the kids at the annual "Caroling/snowball-fight" christmas party:

We went snowboarding up at Snowbird in the worst whiteout storm I've ever been in! At the end of the day Todd was just a few feet in front of me and he completely vanished in the blizzard! We made it safely down without accidentally falling off any cliffs and then went home. The funny thing is that it blizzarded all day but only left 1/2 inch of snow on our car- everything that had fallen was still being blown around in the wind. When we got in the car the wind pushed so much snow into the car it looked like we'd left the windows down during the storm.

Dec 16, 2008

We had a mass sleepover with 13 of the nieces and nephews and had a blast! Todd's gingerbread house landed upside down, however.

Dec 6, 2008

Here are a few pictures from our last big adventure to Yosemite and Bishop.The climbing was great! We bouldered a lot in Bishop and also did some multi-pitches, including an eight pitch trad route called Snake Dike up the side of The Half Dome.

I'm a Blogger

Well Todd has wanted to blog for a few months because he likes the idea of an accessible online journal accompanied by pictures. So I'm making him this site for Christmas so nobody tell :)

We just competed in the Front Climbing Gym's "Festivus Bouldering Comp" and had a great time. We brought home lots of prizes, including t-shirts, pants, quick draws, $100 cash and a chalk bag. Todd would be embarrassed to say, but he took 4th in men's open! He's so strong!

Todd just left for band practice- he joined a jazz trio and they practice about once a week. They'll be performing live shows soon enough.

I'll probablly spend the night watching a movie while running on the treadmill, and then eating a dinner of ice cream and vegetables. Call me crazy, but I think it's the best way to spend an evening alone.