Mar 23, 2013


With zero training, I competed in a duathalon.  It was a 5k straight up Woodland Hill's steep roads, and then a 2.5 mile snow shoe straight up Loafer Mountain.  The elevation gain just about killed me!!  Let alone the run/snow shoe.  This mama is out of shape!

Anyway, it was really fun and absolutely beautiful.  I was literally the slowest person in the competition, so I want to train next year and do it again faster!
Me, Nat's friend (sorry I forgot your name,) Nat, and Liz
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Liz and I celebrating at the top.  Great view!
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And crossing the finish line.
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7 Year Anniversary

Todd and I have been married seven years!  We've known each other now for 25 years (I don't remember when we first met but it was probably in kindergarten.)

We celebrated this year by taking Avery camping for her very first time.
We went to Moab, and it was awesome!!

Avery supervised as we set up camp.
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We hung out in the tent and watched her sit up unassisted for the very first time.  She also started trying to crawl. 
We climbed (me too!) while she napped in the car, 2 feet away from us.  We climbed some more while she was awake and sitting in her bumbo watching us.
We hiked with her in the backpack till she got tired and melted down the entire way back to the car. :)
We had a campfire after she fell asleep for the night.
We woke up every 2 hours to her screaming with what I think was gas pain.  Poor baby!  (Poor parents too!)
While Todd did a 10 mile run Avery and I shopped, napped, and walked along the river together.
We all picnicked in the park together.

She took most of her naps in the car while we drove between destinations.

Though I am still recovering from the sleepless night, it was SO worth it, and it felt so good to camp again.  I really wanted to get just one picture of the three of us, but it never happened.  The littlest things take so much more effort with a kid. 
Oh well, maybe next time.
Climbing at Wallstreet
20130316 150137
The hike started like this:

And ended with me carrying her to try to stop her from crying.
20130316 162305

Her favorite pastime.  Tasting everything.
IMG 8352
Picnicking.  What a cute chunk!
IMG 8359

31 Things Update

I've been completing items on my list, here is an update.

1. I took swim lessons
2. I've been skiing twice and really enjoyed it!  I think skiing and I have a bright future.
3. I skinned up the mountain on a split board and back country boarded.  To be honest I didn't like it and I was really terrible at it.
6. I did a duathalon and will do a post about it.
12. We camped in Moab with Avery.  Loved it.

Mar 20, 2013

Mormon Stories Podcast

This is really a good presentation.

Top 5 Myths and Truths About Why Committed Mormons Leave the Church:

I think every Mormon should watch this if they know someone who is no longer active and wonder why.

Back To Work

I've been meaning to post this for 2 months now...
I've gone back to work.  I work Thursdays (Avery stays at my sister's) and Fridays (Todd stays home with Avery.)  I cried the first several times I left her because I just love her so much that it hurts to leave.

Here's why I do it:
1. I really appreciate my time at home on the days I don't work.
2. Todd and Avery get a whole day alone together.
3. Avery is learning to love her cousins and be independent from her parents.
4. I feel like a productive person while I'm at work, and I am now more productive at home too.
5. I get to socialize with adults. 
6. My nuclear medicine license stays active.
7. I get paid.

It is honestly really good for me.
That being said, this week I have been working full time covering for a co-worker and I hate it.
Trying to operate 40 hours a week on very little sleep, and being away from my baby this much is not good for me.  I am so lucky I don't have to do this all the time.

Mar 11, 2013

Avery 5 Month Photos

Todd went skiing with the boys yesterday, so Avery and I stayed home and did what we do best.  I entertained myself by taking pictures, and she sat there and drooled and looked adorable. :)

At 5 months she is smiling and giggling a ton.  She still follows her own sleep schedule, which is usually awake one hour, asleep one hour, repeat.  I've been trying to stretch out her naps/ wake times because I pretty much can't leave my house without messing up her schedule.

She spits up less often but larger quantities (eew.)  She has eaten rice cereal, yams, and apple.  Right now she is lying on the floor fussing because I am ignoring her. ;)

Anyway, here are a bunch of pics from yesterday's shoot:

 photo IMG_8149_zps77d8f255.jpg
 photo IMG_8161_zps0d517485.jpg
 photo IMG_8182_zpsc466f5ad.jpg
 photo IMG_8186_zps07ee3e92.jpg
 photo IMG_8238_zps4d61e57b.jpg
 photo IMG_8247_zpscf696cf3.jpg
 photo IMG_8255_zps1a5c2e8e.jpg
 photo IMG_8257_zps77d4a2e6.jpg
 photo IMG_8273_zpsf9848e71.jpg
 photo IMG_8299_zpsf19c04c0.jpg
 photo IMG_8308_zps230116a9.jpg.
 photo IMG_8333_zps5101b85a.jpg
Here she's telling me, "Your 60 minutes are up, let me have my nap now please."
 photo IMG_8336_zpscdacd87f.jpg

Mar 5, 2013

Thiry One Things

My sister convinced me to make a list f 31 things to do before I turn 31.  I've been trying to come up with unique and interesting things that I can look back on some day and say, "Aaahhh, I remember those 31 things.  What a great idea that was."
So far I've come up with these:

1. Take swim lessons
2. Learn to ski
3. Ski back country (I've always been afraid of this!)
4. Hike Lone Peak
5. Hike Twin Peaks
6. Do a duathalon
7. Take a cooking class
8. Buy my dream home
9. Fix up my dream home because I'll probably have to buy a less expensive scummy house and make it my own
10. Visit my sister in Vernal every couple months
11. Take Avery to the beach
12. Take Avery desert camping

This is about as far as I have come.  Any suggestions??