Sep 6, 2009

More backtrack- updating

I ran the Wasatch Woman Love Your Body 10K with some friends. It was a hard race! I was so thirsty the whole time. There was a family in their front yard taking turns hosing down the runners which really helped! I felt so dehydrated, tired, and dry. But I'm so glad we did it!

Crossing the finish line:

Todd and I went to Joe's Valley for a day. It was great- good climbing (and not too difficult for me all the time like some climbing areas :) I did my first V4 outside- called Pimpin' Jeans.
This V2 problem wasn't hard but it was scary- if I fell I would have landed in the river:

Todd sending Pocket Rocket, V6:

We took a trip to Lake Powell with Becca, Brooke, Jake, and Curtis. It was great fun- perfect weather and lots of playing. We hiked to rainbow bridge and through Antelope canyon, wake boarded, cliff jumped, rock climbed, etc. Five days wasn't long enough, that's for sure.
Antelope canyon- simply amazing! So beautiful.

I got to try my hand at slot-canyon photographing, which made the hike four times more fun for me!

Sunrise (yes I actually rolled out of bed before noon on vacation)

Don't worry, Todd will hold the arch up:

Brooke's arms got tired so she used her teeth instead:

I really face-planted after this attempted jump. Can you see the fear in my eyes for what's ahead?
Here's the group in the canyon:
Powell is so breathtaking.

Update for the last 3 months...

Wow it's September already! We've been all over the place traveling, climbing, running, etc. I'll post a few pictures of the highlights.

We went to Denver in June to visit my cousins and see Wilco live. It was a great trip- such a short 8 hour drive compared to the 30+ hours to Canada and back! Todd LOVES the band Wilco, and they put on a great show. Of course we climbed, both in Horsetooth reservoir and Garden of the Gods. Here's a pic of a V4 (John Gill Eliminator Left) at Horsetooth:

Here are my cousins! They treated us like royalty- we love visiting and hanging out with them. :)
While we were there we were caught in a HUGE thunderstorm in Denver and hid against a Jamba-juice for and hour trying to wait out the storm. There were hundreds of people plastered against buildings and inside shops escaping the downpour to no avail, it rained for hours. A different day lightning struck right outside our car! It shook the whole car with the force- we thought we'd been hit by a huge boulder or something.
Here's a nice view over Denver:

This year the annual Hammond family trip was to... Panguitch! Why, you may ask? Good question- it's close to Zion's and Bryce, but there's not much in Panguitch itself. We had a great time with the family touring and performing talent shows. Here's a family photo of all of us except for the Petreys and Matt.

Molly's nipple:

We spent the 24th of July at Jonny (my bro-in-law's) warehouse skating around on palate jacks, skateboards, scooters, and bikes. It was SO fun! All the adults felt like kids again, even my mom skated around on a palate jack till she almost accidentally nose dived off. We had dinner and dessert and lit fireworks. It was a great holiday, sorry I don't have any photos.

Todd and Mark have gone fishing a few times this summer. Todd hooked a HUGE fish that got away when Mark was trying to net it. What a huge disappointment to hook it, reel it all the way in, almost net it, and lose it! (I don't know why that's so different than actually netting it, taking a photo, and then letting it go anyway.) They had a lot of success otherwise, and here are a couple pics of them:

My last 15 hour attempt at fishing when I didn't have a single bite has diminished my drive to pursue the sport. Can anyone really blame me? It was fun to try, but I'll stick to running, climbing, and snowboarding while Todd goes out of town to fish.

Todd bolted a new 12a route which he named Mellow Gold at the Choss Garden in Big Cottonwood. Here are a couple pictures:

First ascent: