Mar 8, 2016

The End of a Chapter

Disclaimer: part of my boob is shown in the below photo.  Sorry Mom!

It seems that breastfeeding Lydia is coming to an end.  She's biting me (hard!) and seems impatient, unsatisfied, and unhappy when I try to nurse her.  And I am terribly sad to see it end!

It's hard to explain exactly why I love it so much (I don't really understand why I do!) so I won't even attempt it on this blog... But the other night I woke Lydia up because she bites less if she's half asleep.  And I nursed her one last time to truly savor and enjoy the beautiful quiet love we share in the wee hours of the night.  And I just cried.  Saying goodbye to this chapter of my life has proven harder than I expected!

Oh, the love I have for her.