Apr 20, 2014

Avery is 1.5

My little girl is growing up fast!  She has been more and more fun as she has aged.  Sometimes I wish she could go back to the newborn stage again...  But mostly I just really enjoy the moments because I know how quickly they pass.

She can say 40 or 50 words, she LOVES being outside and digging in the dirt, she is very social and will yell, "HI!" at strangers till they can't ignore her any more and say hi back.  She's very mobile and runs around all day and pushes chairs around so she can climb up onto things.  She likes repeating words and really tries to get them right.  She loves reading books, and will "sing me a song" at my request.  She gives lots of kisses and hugs to Todd and I, as well as to her beloved Nay and Mini-Nay stuffed unicorns.  Sometimes she hugs her graham crackers too.  The three of us have lots of fun together.

She calls ice cream "ice bum" and loves to eat it.  And her word for gum is "bum."  The girl loves to have bum and ice bum! He he.

I love reading to her before nap time and bedtime.  Feeling her tiny warm body in my arms and relaxing into the rocking chair to just savor her for a few uninterrupted minutes...  Aaaahhhh. :)

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The Healthy Happy Family

I finished my "12 weeks of crap-free" eating.  Finally.
I also ran a half marathon, and I'm training for a century bike ride.  I rode 50 miles yesterday!  I've lost lots of pounds and feel energized and motivated and excited about life.  Simply put, I feel like myself again.

Todd started the "Specific Carb Diet" a couple months ago.  It is really strict, but supposed to help colitis and maybe even cure it.  Todd can't eat any grains, sugars, corn, potatoes, milk and lots of other things I've forgotten.  He has stared tapering off his meds to see if he can stop taking pills altogether.
I still eat grains but not nearly as much as I used to because I only cook food we can both eat. It wasn't fun to eat in front of someone who was trying not to eyeball me with sad hungry puppy-dog eyes. lol.  At the very least it has transformed our pantry and fridge into our own little produce department!

Avery doesn't eat much, but she loves smearing her food around and rubbing it in her hair.  She's always been quite robust, so we aren't worried about her playing with her food more than eating it.  She is doing great and is such a joy to be around!

And she just woke up, so that ends this post!