Nov 19, 2013

More Before & After Photos

Here are a few more b & a pics of the house:

   photo IMG_9827_zps093a542a.jpg 

   photo IMG_20130510_154230_zps31c8be30.jpg 

   photo IMG_9817_zps89ec6233.jpg 

   photo IMG_20130510_154219_zps79708ffc.jpg 

   photo IMG_9814_zps6c792478.jpg 

   photo IMG_8534_zps8a5a9651.jpg 

   photo IMG_2102_zpscc805a8a.jpg 

   photo IMG_8529_zps19712aa6.jpg 

   photo IMG_2080_zpsca106b99.jpg

Happy Birthday To Me

We celebrated my birthday by going to Moab for a trail half-marathon (Todd) and 5k (me.)  Avery stayed with Grandma for 3 days and for the first time ever we didn't sleep in the same place!  It went really well, except for coming home early with the flu, and picking up Avery who also had the flu, and giving the flu to my mom and sister.  That part was awful.

During the 5k I felt my love for running re-ignite and I'm planning on training for a half marathon next Spring.  I felt kinda wussy (OK really wimpy and wussy) for only doing a 5k when Todd did the half and Mark and Van did the whole marathon.  But at least I did a running event, right?

Since our trip was cut short I only took a few photos.  Here's the best one:

 photo 1399322_10153412583280207_81430510_o_zps651da869.jpg

Here are the 31 things I almost completed in the last year:

1. Take swim lessons - check
2. Learn to ski- check
3. Ski back country (I've always been afraid of this!)- check- and I kinda hated it!
4. Hike Lone Peak- didn't make it.
5. Hike Twin Peaks- didn't make it.
6. Do a duathalon- check
7. Take a cooking class- didn't make it.  But I did cook a lot of pie crusts!
8. Buy my dream home- check
9. Fix up my dream home because I'll probably have to buy a less expensive scummy house and make it my own- check
10. Visit my sister in Vernal every couple months- check
11. Take Avery to the beach- check
12. Take Avery desert camping- check
13. Kayak down a river- check
14. Learn to install hard wood floors- check
15. Mountain bike a marathon distance- check and this one lost me 5 pounds! I'm not kidding, it was hard!!
16. Learn to make a pie crust that doesn't taste like concrete- check (see #7)
17. Use apples from my yard to cook with- check
18. Actually truly FINISH this darn house we've been working on- check
19. Compete in another bike race- didn't make it
20. Do the Dirty Dash- check
21. Backpack somewhere with Avery- didn't make it. I was really sad about this one.
22. Learn to build furniture out of wood- check
23. Run a trail race- check
24. Plan a trip- check
25. Take a trip!- check (no where too exciting, just Moab but I loved it.)
26. Take a trip without Avery- check
27. Become comfortable with power tools- check
28. Bring someone dinner who needs it- check a few times
29. Throw a party in our new house- check
30. Figure out why I'm dizzy all time time- this one is in the works.  I'm wearing a heart monitor right now.
31.  Forgive myself for not completing this whole list- check!

Nov 12, 2013

Coffee Table

What a difference a coffee table will make!

   photo IMG_2081_zpsbfd02ebf.jpg 

   photo IMG_2079_zps365695c2.jpg 

   photo IMG_2080_zpsca106b99.jpg 
They call this the 20 second tidy up coffee table, but it took me 2 minutes to toss everything inside. Not bad!

I made the coffee table myself. I bought bare pine from Home Depot and followed the instructions on and made it! I'm hooked on this wood-working stuff, it's really fun. :) For my birthday I got a kreg jig, air compressor, and 2 nail guns.  So cool!

The ironic thing about this table is that I actually stained it with coffee.  The coffee-stained coffee table, get it?

   photo IMG_2096_zpsc3bf0667.jpg