Aug 26, 2015


I really love our house.  It's perfect for us in so many ways... I have finally put a little effort into decorating our bedrooms! After I had Lydia I got the "itch" to make something so I built all these frames. It was more work than I expected, but only $9 for all eight of them. :)

I only built the top frame, bought the bottom ones.

I didn't build these frames...

Aug 16, 2015

Start 'Em Young! Lydia's First Time Camping

We packed up and went camping at Redman's at the top of Big Cottonwood Canyon.  It was wonderful! 

Except for the part where Avery was standing on a tall tree stump right in front of me, then tipped backwards (I reached for her but just barely missed her shirt) and landed on her back with her head on a rock.  That part sucked.

She recovered nicely though, and we had a great time!  Lydia did fantastic and slept as much as she does at home.  She was very serene and content looking around and taking in the tall trees.  Avery slept well and all night.  I was worried that someone would smother Lydia though, so being ever-vigilant I woke up often and didn't sleep well.  Todd didn't get much sleep either.  But we still loved it and plan to camp more often!

In spite of not sleeping well, Todd woke up at 5:30 and went for a 24.5 mile run up and down the canyon.  He's pretty amazing.

Our setup around the fire

Avery and Todd found some boulders to climb

Earth art by Avery: a sun

Lydia had lots of smiles for her Dad

"Take my funny face picture mom!"

Earth art by Britt: a dinosaur

I love this girl!

This is the very shirt I came home from Altaview Hospital in nearly 33 years ago!  I love putting Lydia in it!

Avery looks sinister but was so sweet to Lydia.  They snuggled at night and slept holding hands with their foreheads touching.  Aw...

What to do when we're out of marshmallows? Roast gummy bears!

My baby is getting fat!  Look at the chins on her!! :)

The Great Outdoors

I've been feeling the call of the Wild lately.  Now that I'm not pregnant and have been cleared for exercise we have been getting outside as often as we can!

We hiked around the S-curve up Big Cottonwood Canyon and Avery was in heaven.  She loved everything outside, but especially the mine opening "Where monsters and spiders live!"

Spot me Daddy!

My little hiker carrying Nay-corn in her backpack.  (Her beloved nasty stuffed animal is now called Nay-corn.)

Multi-tasking: breastfeeding and hiking around.

While hiking with both girls (Todd was up inspecting the cliffs for climbing possibilities) a big rattlesnake rattled and slithered right in front of me!  I've never been close enough to warrant being rattled at, so it really made me nervous!  I was immensely careful and very nervous while bypassing it.  When Todd finally rejoined us I carefully talked him through the best way to avoid it.  He walked right up to it, glanced toward it, then reached down and smacked it!!!!!!!  Because he had "always wanted to."!!!!!!  And he nearly gave me a heart attack, I was so mad!  Though he tried not to laugh at me chewing him out, he did promise to never do it again.

It's in the left/ middle and dark.  Pretty hard to see, but I wasn't interested in getting any closer for a better photo.

Summer Update, Which Really Means Tons of Photos of My Kids ;)

Here are some photos of the last month or so.  I love Summer time!!!

I just love this photo!  Every time Lydia wakes up she does this massive whole-body stretch and makes this face.

She's smiling now!  It's nice to get some positive feedback after 8 weeks of mothering someone!

Avery put me up to it.

When Lydia suddenly stops fussing and I look at the monitor, I often see Avery's arm replacing her binky. <3>

Sparky the Sloth.  Look at Lydia's huge noggin!  She's a smart one!

Avery took this photo.  It's got to be  the saddest face I've ever seen!

Notice my straight-er hair again.

There's nothing more beautiful than the sight of your sleeping child.

Avery is growing up way too fast.  Slow down please!

We had a special date together with Avery's favorite things:  Swimming, the park, bubbles, and a LOT of sugar.

We spend a lot of time in the back yard.

Just holding a puppy in my underwear with shoes on backwards.  Another normal day.

Is it me or is she the cutest two year old ever?

Avery held her first ever bug: a slug.  She eyed it nervously lol

And eventually decided it was a friendly slug.

We've had lots of play dates with our buddies.  Today Avery said her best friend was Ruby :)

Best buds occasionally, frenemies frequently ha ha!  Avery is still learning what being "friendly" means, lol.

Todd's band The Statuettes played at Craft Lake City this year.

"Smile, Avery!"
We spent the day at Pineview Reservoir swimming and fishing for a shark.  To Avery's disappointment, we didn't catch one.

Some of my best childhood memories are of fishing trips with my Dad.  Here he's creating new ones with his grand-kids!

My wonderful Mom.  I love this picture of her.

Lydia loved Pineview Reservoir, can't you tell!

Super Grandma playing fetch with the kids.  They loved it, ha ha!

Best way to end a great day.