Feb 23, 2013


I have a sister in Vernal who we visit whenever we can.  She and her husband have 4 kids, 3 cats, and a dog.  We love seeing them!

Sue, Summer, Sky, Avery, and I drove out for a long weekend.
Beth and I reupholstered her dining chairs:
 photo IMG_7753_zps7cc00031.jpg
 photo IMG_7750_zps5cd28ebb.jpg
I love the final result!
 photo IMG_7908_zpsb716fa63.jpg

This picture is about as close as I got to having all the kids look at me:
 photo IMG_7896_zpsa6ca2030.jpg
Sisters.  I wish Tiff and Nat were there!  (And Matt too.)
 photo IMG_7885_zps737fbe91.jpg

 photo IMG_7878_zps1bafbf81.jpg
These little girls aren't so little any more!  They are growing up fast.
 photo IMG_7856_zpse039841f.jpg
 photo IMG_7840_zps94078a54.jpg
 photo IMG_7904_zpsd60e0a5b.jpg
 photo IMG_7797_zps7bebae1b.jpg
 photo IMG_7791_zps553f8e05.jpg
 photo IMG_7830_zps1ff216f2.jpg
 photo IMG_7770_zpsfca16237.jpg
Moya read a story to Avery :)
 photo IMG_7763_zpse732080f.jpg
My little stinker with Sue
 photo IMG_7919_zpse7d9a750.jpg

Feb 12, 2013

A Year of New Things

I'm trying new things this year...

I'm a mom.
I've been taking swimming lessons.
I cut my hair.
I learned how to ski.

 photo IMG_20130208_163350_zps587187a9.jpg

 photo IMG_20130208_163404_zps2a8f6faa.jpg

I love it.

Feb 6, 2013

Avery is 4 Months Old

Avery has enough hair now to get it styled.  She is standing (but can't balance) and loves to taste anything she can get her lips on.  She is an adorable chunk of love! 

 In her swim suit and standing up like she loves to do:
 photo IMG_7630_zps681741a1.jpg
And a close up just so you can see all the rolls ;)
 photo b1ad8695-62b1-4eda-b1d1-ae61e928b473_zpsc14e1781.jpg

We got a toy she can stand up in all the time, but she has to use a phonebook- ha ha ha.  So funny.
She hasn't learned to "play" with any of the cool buttons or toys on this thing yet, she just stands there and tries to put what she can reach into her mouth.
 photo avery_stand_zpsdbe65ceb.jpg
Here we've pulled her rat-tail into a pony-tail.  Looks better this way :).  Plus it covers her bald spot.
 photo IMG_7570_zps268832fd.jpg

Another awesome hairdo
 photo IMG_7582_zps7785e2be.jpg

Trying on her snowsuit and the baby carrier.
 photo IMG_7645_zpscaa30580.jpg
She is so darn cute.

Snow Shoeing

We got snow shoes from Santa this year and finally got to try them out.  It was great!!! 
I've snow shoed before and thought it was OK, it was just hiking but with snow shoes on.   However, after becoming a "mom" who stays inside my house most of the time (I blame the awful inversion and cold weather) snow shoeing was AWESOME!  I honestly loved it.  And Avery did too. :)
We went with Kyle, Liz and Ruby
 photo IMG_7653_zpsef774036.jpg

 photo IMG_7656_zpscadcd438.jpg
Avery had this awesome icicle-thing going on...
 photo IMG_7671_zps68b5edc0.jpg
Ruby zonked out
 photo IMG_7685b_zps52e195d9.jpg
Avery cried...
 photo IMG_7692b_zpsc6ff50f5.jpg
And then zonked out
 photo IMG_7698_zpsfceebccd.jpg
Ruby with a mouth full of snow
 photo IMG_7716_zps53687a2b.jpg

Rock N' Roll Marathon

Todd caught the running bug and competed in his first Marathon last month.  He ran the Phoenix Rock N' Roll Marathon in 3 hours, 24 minutes and was in the top 7% of the runners. 
He is pretty amazing!

 photo IMG_7526_zps4a9eefc4.jpg
While in Phoenix, we picknicked and paddle-boated in the Tempe Town Lake. 
 photo IMG_7518_zps51a14971.jpg
Avery nibbled her fingers for lunch.  Yum. 
 photo IMG_7481_zps417615a1.jpg
Ray and EmmaLee let us stay with them. 
We really loved getting to know their kids and Tim and Libby's kids better! 
 photo IMG_7480_zps4edb7a5e.jpg
Cousin Henry (1 month older than Avery)
 photo IMG_7528_zpse6a3c987.jpg
Todd and Tim and the newest Hammond family members:
 photo IMG_7534_zps7b91bde9.jpg
I asked Henry's brothers to help me "get Henry to look at the camera." 
(I meant to stand by me and get his attention, ha ha.)
 photo IMG_7538_zps54b1f9f7.jpg
Sweet Andy 
 photo IMG_7540_zpsa590693e.jpg
Silly Jonah
 photo IMG_7541_zps3b28c4a7.jpg
Adorable Jumbo Jack 
 photo IMG_7542_zpsb51f066d.jpg
The girls had a mani/pedi session. :) 
I somehow missed getting a photo of Cute Chloe, but she is a spit fire!
 photo IMG_7558_zps5fa1e833.jpg
Brynlee, my little shadow 
 photo IMG_7559_zpse32a5e39.jpg
James, talented pianist
 photo IMG_7561_zps0fd66bfb.jpg
Marrinne, gifted violinist
 photo IMG_7562_zps35f8bfd8.jpg
Blake, talented pianist who plays the trombone too
 photo IMG_7564_zps8e753e46.jpg
We had a great time and hope to see our Arizona family members again soon!