Dec 30, 2015

The Holidays

Happy holidays!  I'm a bit relieved they're nearly over! 
We had a great Thanksgiving in Phoenix with all (but 2) of the Hammond Family!  That's 39 people!

Avery's "talent" was running around during everyone else's talents for the talent show.  She and Henry really had fun together!
Lydia wanted to see how many relatives she could sleep on this vacation. ;)



This was the BEST Thanksgiving!  We played volley-ball, kick-ball, and ran around to really earn our turkey and pies.  Libby took me on an 8 mile run Thanksgiving morning too!  (She told me it was 4 miles and it nearly killed me, lol!)

It's already snowed a ton this year, hooray!  I don't mind the snow, even though I would love to move to the beach. :)  Time to get my ski gear whipped into shape.


We have all been sick way too much this year.  I just feel like I have thrown up SO MANY times...  Avery and Lydia have had the flu, plenty of colds, and they just got over hand-foot-mouth and it's been awful.  Even Todd has been sick a lot, which is rare for him.
Here is to a healthier 2016!

Naycorn was sick too
Hand-foot-mouth-arms-legs-face-bum I think?
Christmas was simple and sweet.  It was so exciting for Avery.  I'm not big on decorating for the holidays but I think I'll make a teensy weensy bit more effort next year cuz she just loved everything about Christmas!

Santa came!
Lydia tasting her exersaucer

Avery testing her helmet and jumprope.
Sweet gift from Lydia to Avery
Wish Todd were in this pic!  He was there, I promise!
Can you tell that I'm not into decorating? The fake tree broke, I was too lazy to fix it. The "believe" blocks we have are re-arranged to say "vile bee." There's also a painted Christmas tree on the mantle with a cat being shocked. Decorating? Meh...

Lydia is SIX Months Old

Wow does the time fly! Lydia is now half a year old! She's such a sweetie. For the most part she is very calm, good natured and content. IMG_8792 




Lydia is very observant and easily distracted by noises because she just wants to see everything going on. Nursing has been a challenge because she wants to watch everything in the room rather than stare at me and eat. She is quite a smiler, and lights up when she sees Avery, her Dad, and especially me. When she sees something she wants she gets so excited that her limbs flail uncontrollably, in a terrific ten-second frenzy. She's very focused on grabbing, handling, and mouthing everything she can get a hold of. She occasionally takes a bottle, has rolled twice on accident, and resolutely hates Enfamil formula.  She sits up well and LOVES to be swaddled as well as to be tossed or spun around.  Her laugh is like candy for my ears if they had taste buds, it is so cute.  She and Avery sometimes laugh and laugh together, I just love it.  

Lydia used to be in the 90% for weight, and now she's in the 55%. She's always been about 50% for height. I'm working on getting her to take formula because I'm afraid my milk is decreasing.  She is such a joy!

Dec 29, 2015


December is a time of reflection for me, and I keep looking at my life and feeling so LUCKY.  I'm lucky to have my 2 beautiful babes and loving supportive husband.  And I'm really lucky that we are not on a rubber dinghy in frigid temperatures with life vests strapped to our children, making our way to a new life with no belongings and no promises.  The refugee crisis in the Middle East has really broken my heart.  May the best of luck be with those who are fleeing for their lives.