May 19, 2014

Bryce May 2014

We went camping again, this time to Bryce Canyon. 
I'll be honest, I've never really fallen in love with Bryce Canyon.  It is beautiful, but the only experience I'd had before this weekend was driving through it and admiring the view resting on my rump.  At best I'd walk across the parking lot for a better view.
This time we did it right!  The first day I biked the entire canyon and more, going 50 miles, elevations 8,000 feet to 9,100 feet.  What a workout!  It took six hours, including all the stops at the view areas.
The second day Todd and a couple friends took the shuttle to the top of the canyon (9100 feet) and ran 24 miles down to the base (6300 feet) and back up to Bryce Point.  W.O.W.  What a killer workout!
Avery and I hiked down to the base and back up, but only went about 4 miles and I felt tired from it!  As usual, we squeezed in a lot for such a short trip.  I didn't realize till now that I didn't get a single picture of Todd.  Sorry Todd!
Avery the little camper in her "tot spot."
 photo IMG_4992_zpsd5309440.jpg
I was happier than I look to be at the top, lol
 photo IMG_20140517_152726_zps2a6ffeca.jpg
 photo IMG_5008_zpscd97f695.jpg
 photo IMG_5006_zpsab06fbad.jpg
Tuckered out from the steep hike.
 photo IMG_5001_zps94e869be.jpg
 photo IMG_4999_zpsdcae143f.jpg
 photo IMG_4997_zps042f0127.jpg

May 7, 2014

Moab May 2014

We camped in Moab last weekend.  It was a short trip but we squeezed a ton in and had a great time.  Avery LOVED it and did OK camping, so we'll definitely be going again soon.

Friday Todd and 2 friends drove down at 4 a.m. to do Blue John Canyon, the same hike/ climb/ rappel that Aaron Ralston did when he got stuck and cut off his arm.  They stayed in Green River Friday evening.
Saturday at 7 a.m. Avery and I drove to Green River to pick up Todd.  He dropped off Avery and I and our bike/ trailer 10 miles outside of Moab and we rode in to town. 

Then we hiked to the water hole and swam in the pools and falls. Avery LOVED this part and literally squealed with delight for 2 solid hours while we swam.  The water was really cold but felt so great.

Then we ate dinner at the Moab Brewing Company with Todd's friends.  Afterward we went climbing at the Big Bend boulders while the sun set.  Avery also reallllllly loved this and she & I laughed so hard together at her attempts to climb little boulders and my attempts to help her up.  We were both pretty tired and in silly moods, and we literally laughed till we had tears streaming down our faces. :)  Meanwhile Todd got in a good climbing work out.

We camped across from the Slickrock parking area.  Avery had a hard time falling asleep so Todd and I chose not to have a campfire (it might have kept her awake with all the light.) Instead he and I lay under the stars together on his crash pad and talked about life and our future.  It was romantic and sweet.

The next morning we dropped Todd off at the Porcupine Rim bike trail head, and he ran the 15 mile trail.  Avery and I took a nap and went shopping while he was running.  Then we picked him up and ate a beefy meal at Denny's (Todd literally ate two meals cuz he was famished.) 

Afterward Todd and Avery hiked to the swim hole again while I rode 30 miles with long steep hills and huge gusts of wind to fight against.  It was a wonderful ride!

We met up at the water spring and then drove home.  Avery watched "Signing Time" and didn't complain one bit about the drive.  She learned how to hit the play button with her toe to restart the movie.  Clever girl.

Avery giving Daddy some love

   photo IMG_4624_zps951a961f.jpg 

   photo IMG_4636_zpsb5604bc3.jpg 

   photo IMG_4643_zps2453cd3e.jpg 

   photo IMG_4654_zps93fd302e.jpg 

Ghetto booty
   photo IMG_4668_zps18b7d7e8.jpg 

Shangri La: the Swim Hole
   photo IMG_4678_zpsea962385.jpg 

Raynauds.  Gross I need a pedicure.
   photo IMG_4680_zpse67f7c24.jpg 

   photo IMG_4681_zps1aa0013f.jpg 

There are spring flowers everywhere right now!  So pretty.
   photo IMG_4696_zpsb2b29304.jpg

Before & After Home Remodel

Here are some of the latest updates we have DIY'ed:

Back splash added and cased window:

Subway tile back splash
   photo bampa7_zpsf1ec0eed.jpg

 Original kitchen vs updated kitchen:

Whitewashed fireplace
 photo bampa5_zpsa5411593.jpg

 Here's the original family room

Floating shelves 

 Trimmed out and refinished vanity, and framed mirror: 

   photo bampa3_zps303f2f97.jpg 

Old pallets wood paneling
   photo bampa10_zpse482ad47.jpg