Aug 18, 2010

The Subway

We hiked the Subway in Zion National Park a few weeks ago. It was incredible! Nine miles of hiking, swimming, scrambling, freezing, sweating, photographing, (have I missed anything?) oh yeah- water-sliding- through fields, slick rock, and slot canyons. Highly recommended for anyone in good enough shape!

It was so fun, and our "host family," the Holdens- Natalie's in laws- were so fun to spend time with. I hope to repeat this hike in the future. And if only I could upload more than 2 or 3 photos at a time I'd post a few more. Oh well.

Aug 6, 2010

The Uintas

We went camping and climbing in the Uintas several weeks ago. It was beautiful!!! And only a two hour drive! (I've traveled countless hours for adventures of the same degree :)
Here are a few photos from our trip. And yes, that is snow on the ground, even in July!