Jun 28, 2009

Natalie got married!

Nat got married on June 28 to Harrison Holden, one of Brett Richin's mission companions. She's in Puerto Rico on her honeymoon now, but since the wedding is over I thought it would be OK to post a couple pics. It was really fun to take her bridals and wedding shots but photography isn't something I'd pursue as a career. Does'nt she look pretty!

OK so blogging just insn't in my nature but I'm trying to post something every couple months.

Here's the latest: I gradutated on June 12! Hooray, I'm now a certified Nuclear Medicine Technologist. I wish I were totally done with school but now I'm studying to be a CT tech. The boards for nuc med were crazy hard! I had no clue what a lot of the questions were talking about, but I still passed. Maybe it was lucky guesses.

We went to Canada! Road trip of a lifetime- 17 hours to Squamish (awesome scenery and climbing,) 5 hours to a couple of "secret" lakes that were over-crowded, and 17 hours home. With a few breaks in between drives. It was Todd, Mark, and I, we fished for HOURS and I caught... nothing! Unless you count lots of seaweed from the lake bottoms :( But Todd caught 2 and Mark caught 8 or so. And I did a lot of reading- my rediscovered hobby. I've loved reading for fun again as opposed to drilling through text books and study guides. The climbing was really cool too, I'd love to go back to Squamish for a week just to climb and explore. Here are some photos:

Bald Eagle that lived on the lake. It was perched in this dead tree for a few minutes and just stared at me- maybe it was considering an afternoon snack.

Todd even looks cute in rubber: LOL

Another amazing view (there were about a million amazing views)

Nothing better than a breakfast of an entire package of bacon: