Sep 14, 2017

Uintas Backpacking Girls Trip

A few friends and I backpacked to Island Lake in the Uintas.  It was a fantastic weekend getaway! 
We hiked in, set up camp, swam in the lake, lounged in the sun on some massive rocks, ate food, had a camp fire, took lots of silly photos and laughed our heads off, sat quietly around the dying fire, then went to bed.  I stayed up an extra hour to photograph the stars.  Shyla came with us and stuck by my side at all times.  She even jumped in the lake to be close to me (she's a terrible swimmer!)

The next day we took our time waking up, took in the beauty all round us, then headed back to reality. 

The girls
The flowers
The dog
The dog in the flowers
Our awesome site
 I don't know why we find ourselves so funny, but man we laugh a lot together!
I wanna go back! 
And I will! 

Sep 8, 2017

Unicorn Friends

As a child I was completely mesmerized by the mythical unicorn.  My three best friends and I were convinced they were real, and we were certain that one day would turn into unicorns (I even had a chicken pox scar on my head which was my future horn to prove it.)  We spent every day together for years and years, playing unicorns on our hands an knees until one by one, all three of them moved away.
That was 30 + years ago.
Last month one of my original unicorn sisters got married, and I got to be a part of her big day.  I am lucky enough to still consider all three of the original uincorn lovers to be my best friends!

The 4 bridesmaids
We had a "friends" moment on the couch in wedding dresses the night before.
The wedding was beautiful! Being a bridesmaid was fun.  My toast to the beautiful bride with total sincerity was, "May Edd love you as much as I do!"