Apr 23, 2013


This girl is so much fun.  She gets so excited and happy that she looks like she's going to burst with joy.
 And when she is too excited to laugh all she can get out is this little explosive cough of excitement.

She knows what is coming: 

 photo IMG_8406_zpsd29f47a1.jpg 

Oh the anticipation: 

 photo IMG_8411_zps015ec250.jpg 

And the delightful explosion: 

 photo IMG_8396_zpsa2d4f2d8.jpg 

Do it again, Daddy! 

 photo IMG_8397_zps4c4b97be.jpg


Look at this picture:  photo snowman_zps66b00191.jpg

Does it resemble a chubby finger? It came from this photo, I just added the props and the "ground."

 photo IMG_8498_zps6eefb1e5.jpg 
I can't get enough of this squishy baby!

Las Vegas, Happy Easter

We ventured down to Las Vegas for Easter this year.  And we actually paid for a nice hotel!  We hung out by the pool, ate lots of good food, spent time with our friends, and cheered on Adrianne at her bikini-body competition.  It was a full blown body building comp and let me just say that I've seen enough speedos to last a lifetime, and I know Todd feels the same way!

Avery loves Brooke!

  photo IMG_20130331_130927_zpsb5127eef.jpg

Rylee, Zander, and Avery

 photo IMG_20130330_113913_zpsf1d9afe9.jpg

Enjoying doing nothing:

 photo IMG_8457_zps889740e1.jpg 

Todd entertaining:

 photo IMG_8446_zps0d7149a1.jpg

Us girls

 photo IMG_8438_zps1f664cf2.jpg

I just love this picture:

 photo IMG_8416_zps46094106.jpg


 photo IMG_8435_zps8bf3ab0a.jpg

The strip

 photo IMG_8471_zps010e0810.jpg

Avery enjoying the strip :)

  photo IMG_8472_zps381f68d6.jpg

Go Adrianne!

  photo 558885_10200985250896821_1201409737_n_zpsd17525b1.jpg 

See what I mean about the speedos?

 photo IMG_20130330_201709_zpsa9df764c.jpg


Sometimes when Avery blinks, her left eye closes all the way but her right only makes it half way down.  And a couple times I have seen her left eye blink (several blinks in a row) with no movement at all in her right eye.
Her pupils are different sizes and her face is a little asymmetric.

All this info worried our pediatrician, so she ordered an emergency brain MRI last week.
We couldn't feed Avery, she couldn't sleep, and she was dehydrated.  She had to have an IV placed, but it was so difficult to find a vein under all her chub that four of us were holding her down while she screamed and they fished around her wrist with a needle hoping to get a vein.  The IV didn't work and they infiltrated saline under her skin.  Her tiny wrist puffed up with fluid and she just writhed in pain.  She kept looking at me like I was a traitor and she was so heartbroken that I wouldn't help her.  It was awful.  I felt so helpless and just cried with her.  Todd did too.
After calling in the IV team and finally getting an IV they sedated her.  She had screamed for about 3 hours straight by that point.  When she finally gave in to the medication she became this limp floppy dead weight in my arms.  It was SO awful.
Going through all that crap with the knowledge that a life threatening diagnosis might be coming was so scary. 
The MRI came back normal.  (Jump for joy an cry tears of relief.)  And we were told we needed to do a neck MRI next week, just to be sure there's nothing wrong.  (Jump with anger and cry tears of exasperation.)  Really????  You need to do another MRI?????  Why didn't you just scan four inches lower the first time?!  Swearword!!

So we have one scheduled next Monday and I can't wait for it to be over.
Now I understand the phrase, "I love you so much it hurts."

It is so scary being a parent.  I would give anything- even myself- if it meant health and safety for my baby.

 Hot packs taped onto hands and feet with hopes of getting an IV:

 photo IMG_20130416_091353_zpsad21caee.jpg

She's so small the head holder for the MRI was a complete joke- her whole body fit inside.

 photo IMG_20130416_102806_zps5c89bc09.jpg

Poor baby.

   photo IMG_20130416_120115_zps3a64c643.jpg

Unicorn was so glad everything looked OK!

 photo IMG_20130416_125903_zps4122a13d.jpg