Mar 18, 2014

Happy Anniversary, Eight Years and Counting

Two days before our anniversary we decided to take a trip to St. George to celebrate.  It was a great trip.  I mean it, seriously we had a really good time!  Avery has been getting better and better at going on trips, and it's so nice to be back in the swing of things where we can just pack up and go.  Recently we have been staying in hotels, since camping has been a nightmare with Avery.  But I think she's ready to try camping again. :)

On Saturday we ate out for breakfast, biked 14 miles (up STEEP hills and into HUGE wind gusts which really sucked,) swam in the heated hotel pool, took a fantastic refreshing nap, grabbed some Cafe Rio and ate dinner at Pioneer Park, where we hiked and climbed and watched the sunset.  Avery went to bed and Todd and I relaxed and watched some HGTV (my favorite channel and a special treat whenever we're somewhere with cable.)  What a perfect day!

Sunday Todd went for a 2 hour run, then I went for a 1 hour run.  We packed up and checked out, then went for a 15 mile bike ride along the Virgin River.  It was flat and not windy, and a breeze compared to the previous day.  We picknicked at the park and blew bubbles with Avery, before driving home and getting lunch on the way.  Mmmm, Albertos!  What another fantastic day.

I feel so free and capable and happy.  And we want to have another baby, which I know will take that away from me for a couple years.  So I am really, really enjoying this part of my life right now.  I don't mean that I will be bound and incapable and depressed when I go through another pregnancy and birth, because there is so much happiness and love and bliss in having a baby.  But yeah, I'll be honest.  I'm kinda dreading doing it again.  It was hard.  Really hard.

I just keep reminding myself that going through the difficult parts of pregnancy and having a baby was totally hands down worth it.

Avery spotting daddy: 

Avery literally LOVES climbing.  It's in her blood.
   photo IMG_0369B_zps8c92f529.jpg 

The actual angle of the previous photo's climb: 
   photo IMG_0368_zps4e737417.jpg 

   photo IMG_0373_zpscc45105d.jpg 

   photo IMG_0384_zps444f95d5.jpg 

Biking lunch break
   photo IMG_0390_zpsad085189.jpg 

   photo IMG_0410b_zps992fc50b.jpg 

   photo IMG_0413b_zps4f7b116e.jpg 

Blissfully blowing bubbles with beautiful baby:
   photo IMG_0416_zps8daa9c40.jpg

Phoenix Marathon and Half

Todd did the Phoenix marathon, and I did the half marathon.  It rained and was a little windy and cold, but overall it was a well organized fun race. 

Todd got his personal best for a marathon, 3:14 if I remember correctly. 
I got my personal worst for a half, but I don't care. :)  I wasn't in it for speed, just for being free and able to do something like run 13 miles again.  It feels so good to be in shape!!!!!!!!  It took me 2:30 to finish.

We stayed with Todd's brother and family, the Tim Hammonds.  Libby ran the race too, her first marathon ever!  It was so fun to stay with them and let Avery get to know her Arizona cousins a little better.  Any time one of their 5 kids would sit in my lap Avery would freak out and yell and cry.  She's got something coming to her when we decide to have another child!

Since we both ran the race neither of us had a camera or took any pictures.  Here are a couple photos we did snap with Todd's phone (which have nothing to do with the race):

Avery and Henry, 3 weeks apart in age:

 photo IMG_0225_zps90ecd826.jpg 

I just love how Avery's tummy hangs out over her pants. Tee hee :P 

 photo IMG_0294B_zps31075e7d.jpg 
My beautiful baby is getting big fast. 

 photo IMG_0298_zpsd32ac1f5.jpg

Mar 8, 2014

The Yurt

We stayed at a yurt with some friends a couple weeks ago.  It was really fun!  The yurt was a big round room with a kitchen, beds, and a wood burning stove. Avery LOVED it and stayed awake till midnight with all the grown ups (despite me attempting to get her to sleep.) 

The next day we hiked around a little frozen reservoir and sledded with the kids.  Avery loved this part too and would cry when someone else took a turn on the sled, because she wanted to just keep sledding.  I think we have an adrenaline junkie on our hands.  Which parent did that come from?

Here are some photos:

The outhouse full of frozen sewage 

Incredible view from the yurt
   photo IMG_3538_zps94118520.jpg 

Van enjoying a cup o' joe
   photo IMG_3547_zps8852478f.jpg 

We ate gourmet food while there.  And Bacon.  Lots of bacon.
   photo IMG_3548_zps3619cdb4.jpg 

Kate pulling the kiddos
  photo IMG_3558_zpsd577891a.jpg 

We got to watch a lot of dog mushers
  photo IMG_3560_zps2425367d.jpg 

In spite of Avery's expressionless face, she really loved sledding
  photo IMG_3578_zps7463898c.jpg 

Brave mommy
  photo IMG_3583_zpsc8cf491d.jpg 

The men hiking our precious cargo back to the car:
  photo IMG_3606_zps520b962a.jpg 

Thanks Hoover family!  Let's do it again some day.