Jun 15, 2014

The Century Bike Ride

I rode a century!  The Little Red Riding Hood hundred mile ride is up around Logan.

At the starting line ready to go!

   photo photo2_zpsf261ac54.jpg

We started at 8:23 and skipped the first aid station. We stopped at the second aid station and ran into the rest of our team just as we were leaving. I ate the best oreo smeared with peanut butter ever, yum! Skipped the 3rd aid station and had a really nice stretch from mile 40 to 55. It was a slight downward slope and so beautiful. It felt effortless to just ride forever.
 Then we stopped at mile 50 for lunch. The "sea" of bikes.

 photo IMG_20140607_113541_zps2c2909c2.jpg

After lunch, I had a hard time getting back into the ride. It was getting really hot and as time passed I started slowing way down. (A side note, around mile 65 there's a long down hill section that I went 44 mph on! I felt like superman!) By mile 70 I was really slowing down at the slightest up hill stretch, and there were a lot of them! Nat left me behind but I caught up to her when I finally rolled into the aid station at mile 78. I was so hot, dehydrated, and tired. I sprayed myself down with ice water and it felt great. Several more awesome peanut butter oreos were consumed. From here I lost Nat but could see the speck of her blue shirt once in a while.

 I had been really dreading the big hill at mile 85 and was anxious to get it over with. In reality, it was no problem. I slowed way down, and for a mile went 7 mph and slowly made my way up the hill. After the hill I felt home free! So I really pushed hard and rode the last 15 miles quite fast. I wasn't holding back any more to preserve energy, I wanted it all spent by the time I finished.

 And finally... I crossed the finish line! It took me 7:04 including all stops. Nat did it in 6:59. This is actually a pic at the 50 mile mark, but I dont' have one from the finish line so it'll have to do. This is pretty much what it looked like anyway, lol.

 photo IMG_20140607_120119_zpsfe1d8086.jpg

The other girls in our group weren't allowed to go more than 70 miles because they didn't ride fast enough, so they added 30 of their own unofficial miles on at the end. I would have done the same thing!

My thoughts on a century:  very cool, I can see myself doing another one in the future!  It felt easier than a marathon, like half the effort, but for twice as long.  It was a hard thing to accomplish!  But much easier on my body than a long road race.  Overall a great experience!

Las Vegas Bachelorette Party

My good friend Adrianne got married yesterday, and we girlfriends all went to Vegas a few weeks ago for her bachelorette party.  We stayed in a humongo gorgeous house a mile from the strip and had fun for 3 days straight.

We went to pool "day clubs" during the day, out to eat for dinner, and out to night clubs at night. (Though I must be honest I was the party pooper in bed by midnight, lol.) The rest of the group stayed up till sunrise and we all had a wonderful time. Brooke is an amazing party planner!! 
Here are some photos I swiped from FB.

Lovely Ladies: 

The day clubs were PACKED with people. We were like sardines standing around the pool.  photo 10376316_10152051282120776_996105390537232324_n_zpsb3e258ab.jpg 

   photo 1394234_10152051282255776_3504588514007456881_n_zps12d1c95a.jpg 

   photo 1964963_668002413272798_7219714968099081589_n_zps4d0945c8.jpg 

   photo 10307360_10152443559749629_2831344750767456606_n_zps96ce5737.jpg 

   photo 10329137_10152051942960776_8979653292127574836_n_zps4a394621.jpg 

I don't doll up with makeup and straight hair very often. 
 photo 0d8bdf1d-aabf-499b-b2c4-33b02a9b9c71_zps72efefee.jpg