Jul 22, 2014

White Pine Lake Backpacking

I've been wanting to take Avery backpacking since she was born, and we finally did it! 

 photo IMG_0670_zpsd6309fd3.jpg 

White Pine Lake is only 3 miles long, but it's pretty steep.  I was shocked when it took us nearly 3 hours to hike!  Once at the top we set up camp and explored, played, made soup, and chased Avery around while she played wet-noodle baby.  (That's where she intentionally almost falls but we catch her at the last second and she laughs and laughs but Todd and I hate it.) 

I love this camp site!!

   photo IMG_0633_zpsc96d9d22.jpg 

   photo IMG_0626_zps08d07d01.jpg

   photo IMG_0650_zps896b632e.jpg 

Nay even came!
   photo IMG_0648_zpsfa73818c.jpg 

   photo IMG_0656_zpscf949208.jpg

I tried to get the babe to bed at a reasonable hour but she had other plans.  Who wants to sleep when there are rocks to climb, rivers to cross, and snow fields to play on??  I can't say I blame her.

 photo IMG_0651_zpse23aaf76.jpg 

We were treated to a phenomenal sunset-- our own personal "fireworks" from mother nature on the 4th of July.  We slept pretty well as far as camping goes.

   photo IMG_20140704_203901_zps584dfb67.jpg 

Morning with my pot of coffee. Literally. 

 photo IMG_0669_zps1f27225b.jpg

All About Avery

Avery is growing up fast! We are great friends and we have lots of fun together (when she's not acting like a 2 year old.)  She can say 100+ words and tries to copy everything I say to her.  She is semi- toilet trained.  She still loves to climb things, all things!  She loves having other kids around and gets bored when we're alone at home.  She loves "shows" like Signing Time and Hoopla Kidz.  She loves swimming, and we go to Classic every week.  She loves the big water-slides too!  She takes one long nap in the afternoons, hooray for me :)  She is getting picky with foods but loves "dewees" (cherries) and "beeyees" (berries) and best of all ice cream.  She can't quite run or jump but puts valiant effort into both activities.  Jumping on the tramp involves one leg pumping up and down, it's pretty cute.

Here are some recent photos:

 photo IMG_5582_zpsfa81df32.jpg 
Figuring out (or not) her new car seat: 

   photo IMG_20140709_142216_zps2145e489.jpg 


  photo IMG_20140613_171235_zpsf0c5a6a9.jpg 

   photo IMG_20140610_110139_zps56380266.jpg 

Riding this turtle was a bit anti-climactic ;)
   photo IMG_0544_zps384d2e05.jpg 

First time on a real Nay!

 photo IMG_0492_zps77ad5035.jpg

   photo IMG_0569_zps87cbfe5f.jpg 

   photo IMG_5538_zpsed23d2a9.jpg 

Watching a show with awesome back posture:

   photo IMG_0583_zpsf09f1984.jpg

Summer 2014

So far this Summer has been so much fun, and so very busy.  Here are some highlights in one big photo dump:

The Hammond Vacation was at Aspen Grove, but I was out of town and missed it. Todd took a few photos of Avery and a lot of photos of rocks.  :)

  photo IMG_0509_zps23c02aae.jpg 

 My sister-in-law Libby and 4 of her 5 kids stayed with us for a week (Tim and Chloe stayed home from this trip) and we had a blast together! I pretty much just tried to keep up with her for the week and it was so much fun! We'd go to exercise classes during the day and run together at night.  I'm still sore from her visit. :)

   photo IMG_5545_zps5ef37ede.jpg

We've spent lots of time with cousins on both sides of the family.

   photo IMG_5547_zps89049a23.jpg 

   photo IMG_5549_zps19029cb8.jpg 

 Henry and Avery are less than a month apart in age.  It took the whole week but they finally learned how to play together.

  photo IMG_5561_zpsedf68252.jpg 

We set up a giant water bubble and air bubble at Grandma's for the kids to play with. 

   photo IMG_20140702_110223_zps23c120dd.jpg 

 Adult sized teeter-totter I built my Dad for Father's Day:

   photo IMG_20140702_111230_zpsb0d6d29b.jpg 

 photo IMG_20140701_113330_zpsa7ef3a08.jpg 

Todd and I replaced the deck stairs on our old house we rent out. What a ton of work! 

 photo IMG_20140624_144603_zpsb4bb55e7.jpg 

This is way overdue, but my sister Beth had a book launching party in SLC at King's English Bookstore. She's amazing! 

 photo d8e58a4c-c196-431e-9571-be90460cf46c_zps0c93ff06.jpg 

My sister Sue got married! 

 photo PhotoMay3120618PM_zpsd0f23457.jpg 

Todd ran the Speed Goat 50K with 11,000 feet elevation gain. It was the hardest race he's ever run, and it took 9 hours. I hope he'll do a post about it on this blog. 

 Here's Mark at the finish line:  

See the tired runners?

  photo IMG_5586_zps59d9f6d6.jpg
I ran a 10K with Brooke and Casey at East Canyon: 

 photo 10382088_10152509979489284_169061174132577032_o_zpsb56724ef.jpg 

Todd and I tried paddle boarding and loved it! No photos, sorry. 
We went boating with the Nelsons and some other friends. It was a blast!

   photo 1910263_10152196982587548_5163861751087450354_n_zps720bbe64.jpg

Mountain Biking

I've been biking up a storm this year and have loved it (mostly)!

I even did my first endo (where you're moving really fast, then your front tire stops cuz you've hit a rock or something, and you are therefore flung over the handle bars.)  That part I didn't love, lol.  It's kinda made me hesitant on the down hill sections, but I'm working my confidence back up.
A few photos:
 photo IMG_0746_zps6a96f07b.jpg

 photo image2_zps6dbf072a.jpeg
This was after my "endo" crash.  No broken bones!
   photo photo32_zps75aa946c.jpg 

 I was instructed to "look hardcore" ha ha
   photo photo3_zps1575f315.jpg 

   photo photo2_zps1048c93b.jpg 

Any girls out there looking for a riding partner?  Hit me up! :)