Oct 14, 2014

Avery's Second Birthday in Hollywood

Avery turned two!
We decided to celebrate in real Hammond style by going on a trip.  Todd had to be in LA to record an album with his band the Statuettes, so we decided to go early and make it a family birthday trip!

On our way down we stopped in Zion so I could trail run up Angel's Landing.  What an intense run!  It was more like a fast hike :) 
Todd and Avery hiked up together (my stomach was in my throat seeing Todd climb up the chains with cliffs on either side of him and Avery in his backpack!)  I backtracked a bit to be at the top with them, then backtracked at the end of the hike to meet up with Todd and Avery on their way down.  It was a fabulous but very slow seven mile run. 
We drove to Vegas and stayed in a gross hotel for the night. The next day we made it to the beach!!! I was hoping to get some surfing in, but, um, it was a little crowded in the water.   
And this beach was too rocky to swim. And Avery was a little overwhelmed by everything.
So we enjoyed the views for a while and later found another beach for a sunset dinner. Dinner turned out to be one of the most incredible dining experiences of my life! We were in a restaurant on a pier that rocked as the massive waves crashed below us. It was cold and brisk but heat lamps made it perfect. Best sunset of the entire trip!
Before dinner we walked along the pier and watched the surfers and paddle boarders catch big waves. 

What a lovely evening.

The following day we drove to Malibu Beach and met up with the Dartons, our long time friends we don't get to see very often!  We spend the next 2 days at the beach swimming, surfing, and boogie boarding.

The Dartons plus Avery:

After Avery watched Evelyn run around and play she got much more comfortable with the beach.

Wetsuits with swim suits rolled up underneath are so hot right now. ha.
Avery napped in her stroller (thank goodness!!!)
Avery just loved Evelyn and really took to her right away.  These girls had a blast together.

For Avery's birthday party we celebrated in style on a Hollywood rooftop.  See the Hollywood sign? 
We bbq'd and sang happy birthday with cupcakes. 
Then we had a glow-stick dance party with live music!

The girls ran around and danced the night away together.  It was adorable.

For our last day of the trip we went to the science museum. We got to see a space shuttle!
Here's a picture of it before it was launched.  At the museum it was humongous and in a warehouse to see.  My camera could only get a picture of the front window, it was so big!
 The ice wall

And then it was time to say goodbye...  Avery has been asking for Evelyn since we left. I hope the Dartons move back to Utah soon. :)