Feb 16, 2010

We climbed a multi-pitch route in Redrocks, Las Vegas called Frogland. It was unforgettable!

Eight pitches (we combined a couple) up exposed amazing creative rock, totaling about 1,000 feet. We started the day at 8:30 am, hiked to the cliff, climbed the cliff, and hiked down, making it to our car starving and exhausted around 7:00 pm.

Todd on the first pitch:

Me on my way up. Can you tell how steep and high up we are?! These pictures don't come close to capturing the real thing. Oh man, I'll admit it: it was SCARY!

Right about here I had a meltdown because I was so scared. I felt like any wrong move and Todd and I would explode off the cliff, plunging to our deaths 600 feet below. I couldn't get over the height and exposure! Todd had to talk me through it. He helped a lot, but I'm not sure if I'll ever do one of these again.
Don't be fooled by my smile, it was all for the camera.

Todd celebrating at the top. We survived!

Todd on the way down. I never feel such an overwhelming urge to survive and LIVE until I do something crazy like this.

Feb 1, 2010

The new house

We bought a house! I'm really bad a blogging and can't figure out how to coment on each picture so I'll just write a little about the house here.
We love it! It's nice to FINALLY have room for guests and parties and space to store all our junk! We've entertained friends and family every weekend since we've lived here and had a great time spreading out in the space. I do think the outside of the house is ugly but we're planning on putting a real roof on and painting the siding, which should help.

The yard is big with huge trees and a little raised garden. The house also came with a dog run and a huge shed, but NO SPRINKLERS! There is little hope that our grass will survive the summer if I have to go out and water by hand every day or so. But I'll try to remember.

We also got a kitten- she's in the living room picture attacking something on the couch. Fearless kitty, ha ha.