Dec 11, 2012


Avery's pupils are different sizes.
Her Doctor says it's normal and more common than you'd think.  (Apparently one in five people have different sized pupils.)  It's hard to see unless you're looking for it and the lighting is low.
 It must be her superpower.
Isn't her cheek-chub cute?! 

Dec 10, 2012

The Rocking Chair

I inherited an old broken rocking chair from my late Grandma Helen.  Being the crafty ambitious person that I am (or pretend to be) I decided to learn how to cane and refinish it myself.

I mean, how hard can chair caning be??

I figured I could redo the entire thing while watching a couple movies and have plenty of time before Avery was even born.

And I learned a good lesson attempting this project!

It has taken me more than ten times the effort, work, cost, and time I expected.  After spending hours and hours of time working I had to completely rip out all the cane and start over.
The first attempt that didn't work
The second attempt and on the right track
The Completed Chair!
Finally, two months after Avery was born I have finished the chair.  And now I get to rock Avery Helen in it and tell her stories about her Great Grandma Helen.  I love that.  :)