Jul 3, 2017

East Canyon Olympic Triathlon

I did the East Canyon Olympic Triathlon this year.  I trained pretty well and was only nervous about the temperature of the swim.  Well I was right to worry, because I had an asthma attack in the water due to the temperature, and did the whole darn Triathlon wheezing and feeling chest pain.

The swim was the worst.  I felt so compressed in the wet-suit and I couldn't hold my breath long enough to put my face in the water to complete a stroke.  So I did the swim on my side, resting a few times on the kayaks that were life guarding.  When I finally finished I slopped myself onto dry land gasping while the sprint tri athletes happily jogged passed me to the bike transition.  I felt like a soggy rat, but was so glad to be on solid ground.

The bike was easier by comparison, but still quite challenging.  I haven't road biked much this year.  The seat and hunched posture were exhausting, but much of the ride was down hill so I survived quite well.

The run was long and hard but I did it!  The asthma got worse but I just kept going.  And eventually I finished.  Avery ran across the finish line with me, she was very proud of the metal I hung around her neck.

Ironically, Liz also had asthma in the water and really struggled through the whole event.  She and I kept passing each other, then finished the race together.  I felt quite flattered that I kept up with her, even though it wasn't exactly normal circumstances.

I think I will retire from triathlons, at least for now.



Our Story said...

Wow Britt you're amazing as usual. Someday I want to grow up to be you.

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